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428 Wing R.C.A.F.A.
274 King Street
Peterborough, Ontario
K9J 2S2
Phone: (705)743-6052

About the 428 (Peterborough) Wing

The History of the Airforce Hall

Built in the 1870's and located right in the heart of beautiful Peterborough, our Wing has been home to some of Peterborough's historic figures including a former mayor and prominent families.

Purchased by the Wing in 1960, it has been lovingly cared for and renovated. The Air Force Hall was once the coach house for this historic home and has recently undergone a complete renovation and improvement project.



Chairman, Bill Devereaux 705-243-2825
Vice Chair Pierre Brunet 705-740-0302
Chair Jodie Smith 705-740-9657
Secretary TBA
Treasurer, tba


Air Cadets, Pierre Brunet 705-740-0302
Bingo, Christine Choate 705-295-6743
Entertainment, Jodie Smith 705-740-9657
Membership, Pam Devereaux 705-243-2825
Public Relations & Fundraising, Don Annett 705-868-6304
Health and Welfare, Vivian Maybee 705-745-6065
Sports, Will Webb 705-768-8905
Bulletin Bill Devereaux 705-243-2825


Kitchen Co-ordinator, Thelma Cole 705-868-2623
Internal Communications, Pam Devereaux 705-243-2825
Padre, Rev. Harvey Evans 705-875-3046
Regalia, Bar Manager 705-743-6052
Security,House Chairman Krijn de Rijke 705-768-7049